WhatsApp Latest Update Brings Multi-Device Feature, More Participants Video Calling

In the past, using a WhatsApp account on two devices isn’t possible, whenever you try signing in your WhatsApp account to another device, it would cause the other app to stop working on the first device it was installed on. Now, however, WhatsApp seems to have seen reasons to believe users need this multi-device feature on its platform.

As we all know, the multi-device functionality has been present on all other apps under the Facebook umbrella and has long been expected for WhatsApp. This new feature was spotted by popular WhatsApp leakster @Wabetainfo in WhatsApp’s latest beta update showing that the company is working to support simultaneous logins across different devices.

When users try to log in their account on a different device, WhatsApp will now display a new registration screen prompting the user to connect to a Wi-Fi network to start using his/her account the same way he left it on the first device it’s signed into.

One of the interesting aspects of the multi-device feature is that WhatsApp will duplicate the user data on the previous device to the new device so that the user can pick up chats exactly where they left them.

Multi-Device Feature
WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature

WhatsApp also recommends users performs the new account log over a Wi-Fi connection as using mobile data may be slow, and may use a large amount of your data plan.

Once the multi-device feature rolls out, users will reportedly be able to receive messages across all of the devices they are logged in to, and all actions (such as archiving chats, deleting messages, etc.) will be synced across devices.

Other Updates in WhatsApp

About a week ago, WhatsApp announced new video call participant limit which wasn’t available for all users, it was initially rolled out for beta users only and now available to all WhatsApp users globally.

However, for you to enjoy the new 8 participant video call limit, all participants must be running the latest version of WhatsApp, said the company.

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