WhatsApp Latest Update To Add ‘Swipe To Reply’ Feature, Dark Mode And WhatsApp For Small-Phones

Small Phones Like Jio Phone Will Now Use WhatsApp

“At WhatsApp, our engineers spend all their time fixing bugs, adding new features and ironing out all the little intricacies in our task of bringing rich, affordable, reliable messaging to every phone in the world. That’s our product and that’s our passion”.

Those are the words of WhatsApp co-founder who has now left the company due to some alleged Internal rift. 4 months after his departure WhatsApp and the rest of the team looks relentless. WhatsApp has been churning out updates upon updates to their credit.

So, have you ever imagined how nice it would be if WhatsApp rolls out dark mode just like YouTube dark mode? Have you imagined a faster, smarter way of replying conversations rather than highlighting and tapping reply on the top? Get ready to see both features all at once as the WhatsApp team is already working on it.

This features should ship-in with the next available update. Talking availability, WhatsApp will also now be available for small phones just like the KaiOS powered Jiophone. The company has developed a special Jiophone WhatsApp. All of this will be discussed in this article.
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WhatsApp Dark Mode

The importance of ‘dark mode‘ cannot be overemphasized and evidently, a lot of Apps have been swinging in that direction as they now imbibe the dark mode idea more than ever before.

Dark mode helps to reduce the blue light that is emitted in smartphones with extreme effects at night. This blue light according to studies could lead to blindness but we will expatiate on that in another article. This will change your WhatsApp default white theme to black.

WhatsApp Swipe To Reply

Also still to come, is a simple feature that will help us communicate with a lot more ease on WhatsApp. This feature is tagged the “Swipe to reply” WhatsApp feature. This feature is inspired by the “now-popular” “Gesture” feature.

Technology has gone beyond just tapping the screens to call for an action, now you can double-tap, swipe up or down, swipe with two or three fingers, swipe two fingers in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and your phone will give back exactly what you want.

In the case of “Swipe to reply” WhatsApp feature, all you will need to do is swipe over a message, your keyboard will come up and automatically there will be a field for you to reply the message. It would also be accompanied by the next WhatsApp updates.

Small Phones Like Jio Phone Will Now Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp now available for small feature phones
WhatsApp on JioPhone (a feature phone)

In the first half of the year, Google invested huge sums, $22 million precisely in their quest of bringing Android Apps to small phones. WhatsApp has also followed suit.

While old blackberry devices are struggling to earn some favour from the company, WhatsApp messenger will be available on smaller phones quite easily. WhatsApp has developed a separate version of the widely used messaging App, this is in India courtesy of a partnership with kaiOS, the firmware providers for Jiophone.

This will give a simple easy way to communicate with loved ones. It is end-to-end encrypted as well, can share photos, audios, videos and so on. Whatsapp for Jiophone could mean that WhatsApp might extend to more smaller phones in the near future. Won’t that be lovely?

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