Whatsapp Launches ‘Live Location’ Feature In Latest Update

WhatsApp has activated real-time location sharing feature for users, achieving equal feats with the likes of Google Maps and Facebook which also enables location sharing feature for a specific duration.

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It was announced that users of its iOS and Android app will have the option to share their live location with family and friends for a specific period of time. Live location sharing, however, can be turned off prematurely even before the set time.

Previously, WhatsApp introduced status,  allowing users to share feelings, thoughts on a texted based format and also via multimedia content which can be viewed and saved by WhatsApp contacts. They also allowed sharing location as a stationary spot on a map. Now, with the newest update which is available on PlayStore, when users opt-in to Live Location, friends can see their location on the map, which automatically updates as they move.

Location information is not revealed to the everyone like a status, it is can only be shared in conversations.

Here’s how to activate Live Location

1. Open up any chat.
2. Go to the Attach button and select Location.
3. A new option for “Share Live Location” will appear, allowing you to share your location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.
4. Tap on Send, and your location on a map will be live.
Only those in a chat can see it. If multiple people are sharing where they’re at, each person’s location will be visible on one map.

This will help family members to trust that their children, wife, husband, friends are safe. WhatsApp says its new feature is “a simple and secure way to let people know where you are”.
Locations are end-to-end encrypted – like the messages, photos, videos and files you send within WhatsApp. Hence, the feature is not a stalking and monitoring feature and it will rather build trust n confidence in most cases.

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Note that live location cannot be turned on unconsciously and whenever a threat is perceived, you can turn it off. So there are no insecurity issues. Don’t forget to share

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