WhatsApp Linked Devices Will Let You Sign in Your Account on up to 4 Devices

Over the past few months, WhatsApp has introduced a number of very useful features and improvements on its platform. In July 2020, the company launched its payment service (WhatsApp Pay) in Brazil to make funds transfer easy between families and businesses and also planning to extend it to India soon. The company also recently launched Animated stickers, dark mode for its web version and some other interesting features. A recent update from popular WhatsApp leakster, however, reveals a new features everyone has long waited for, it is called Linked devices.

WhatsApp Linked Devices

So, what is Linked devices on WhatsApp? WhatsApp link devices feature will let users sign in their WhatsApp account on multiple devices, a feature its rival Telegram has implemented for years now. Users will be able to manage devices linked to their phone number the same way users can already manage WhatsApp web sign-ins. According to WABETAinfo, this feature is currently under development and WhatsApp is testing with 4 different devices.

WhatsApp Linked Devices

WABETAinfo also revealed that linked devices feature is hidden in the latest Android beta and there’s no information on when it’ll be available to users. In the past, WhatsApp has hinted the multiple sign-in feature through its registration notification for beta versions.

WhatsApp Linked Devices

WhatsApp is also working on an advanced search interface (Advanced search mode), to let users find messages quickly, links and other documents. While we’re not sure when the company plans to roll out the new multiple device feature, it is possible we see the new feature in the coming update for beta tester.

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