Latest Development In WhatsApp Messenger That You Should Know

WhatsApp as well all know is the most popular social media platform owned by the social networking and social media giant Facebook. WhatsApp has seen several updates these past few months and has received significant changes from UI to UX. In the fight to reduce spam and abusive content on the platform, the company has vowed to enforce strict legal move against people or companies found abusing the platform.

Just last month, WhatsApp started to ban users that are not using the official version of WhatsApp messenger and banning users found guilty of abusing its platform in one way or the other.

Starting December 7th, 2019, the new policy will be effective. This moe will help reduced spam and false information being spread on the platform. Regardless of who you are, if found violating or abusing the platform in any way, you’ll be sued to court.

According to WhatsApp, “we are committed to using resources at our disposal – including legal action to prevent abuse that violates our terms of service, such as automated or bulk messaging, or non-personal use“.

We’ll take legal action against individuals or companies that we link to on -platform evidence of abuse. This sounds like a stern warning from WhatsApp if you want to keep using the platform, avoid spamming, using bots to send spam messages. Any evidence of abuse coming from your ends will land you in court beginnings from December 7th, 2019“.

Abuse that violates the platforms rules and policy could come in the form of sending automated bulk messaging, or non-personal use. Spammers beware!

More details about the new update can be read from the faq section on the official website.

WhatsApp wants to stop friends from stealing your profile pictures

These past few months, Facebook has been stroke by several privacy scandals which the company has now taken into account which the new FB5 update. Facebook is now making privacy a priority and extended it to all it’s platforms as well.

The recent WhatsApp update will now stop stranger’s or your friends from “stealing” your personal profile pictures without your consent.

Before now, if you wanted to steal someone’s profile picture all you needed to do was to click on it and choose to save to gallery without the owner of the owner being aware of it. But that has changed, WhatsApp has rolled out an update that is more privacy concern and has removed the feature that allows you to steal someone else’s pictures.

Users will no longer be able to save others profile directly, you can either ask the person for it or get it by screen munching the person’s profile. However, this update is not stopping you from downloading icons used for group chats.

Although the feature has been implemented, WhatsApp has not publicly explained the reasons as to why such a feature needed to leave the platform.

If you’re a beta user and has updated to the latest WhatsApp beta, you’ll notice that the ability to quickly save profile pictures have been removed. Since the new change hs only just arrived in the beta version for Android users, it’s unclear when it will get to iOS users as well.

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