WhatsApp Private Reply Will Launch In Upcoming Update

WhatsApp has enabled the private reply feature in it’s latest beta update which means that it will be rolling out for all users soon. You may be thinking ‘what is private reply?’ and ‘how should we use it?’. It’s simple.

Just as the name suggests, private reply enables a WhatsApp user to send a message privately to another user from a group.
With WhatsApp private reply feature, a WhatsApp user can message another group participant directly. This doesn’t sound like an entirely new feature because a lot of us could easily send a private when in a group. But here’s the twist to it, ‘Reply’.

WhatsApp Private Reply Will Launch In Upcoming Update

The word ‘Reply’ in ‘Private reply’ feature means that the message you reply is going to be referenced in the chat. So, you can reply to a group participant’s message from the group and he or she will receive your reply to his or her inbox. Just like you have it in your chat reply or how you reply status update, you will also be able to reply to group messages BUT into the recipient’s inbox (Personal message/DM).

WhatsApp swipe to reply feature is now live

Enter into play store and update your WhatsApp to it’s latest version to enjoy the feature. We already explained swipe to reply in a previous article but just in case you missed that, we will review in a second for you.

Swipe to reply is a gesture feature and here’s how it works. When you swipe a chat to the right it will automatically do the job of the reply button instead of holding on the chat and tapping reply.

Update your WhatsApp to get all these features working on your Android.

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