WhatsApp Puts Restriction on Message Forwarding To Tackle Fake News

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There’s no doubt that fake news spread faster than fact and the misinformation can do damage to the people receiving this news, this is why social media platform take it upon themselves to help prevent spreading of fake news on there platforms. The recent development to tackle fake news is coming from WhatsApp by putting a limit to WhatsApp Message Forwarding.

You may be wondering why you’re still able to forward message to more than one WhatsApp user even after the restriction on message forwarding. Well, that’s because the change applies only frequently forwarded messages on the app and will restrict sharing to one chat at a time.

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The restriction on message forwarding is now live in the latest WhatsApp update both for stable and beta users.


We all are aware that this move will not completely eliminate the spread of fake news on the platform, as users can still copy and paste text or send images manually but will slow the rate at false information is being forwarding from one person to another.

We should also note that WhatsApp is not the only platform where fake news are being spread, Facebook also is also being used for this and several other platforms.

We hope this social platforms also follow in these footsteps and help reduce misleading information, most especially at this time the world is facing a great threat to humanity.

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