WhatsApp Rolls Out A Fresh Calling UI In Latest Update

Currently available for WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS users

The latest WhatsApp beta update reveals a fresh UI coming to WhatsApp for audio and video calls. The new call UI makes it way much easier for you to add new participants to a call and join an ongoing group call that you missed.

The new calling UI is similar to that of Apple’s FaceTime, we can say WhatsApp took inspiration from it. Toggles on the new UI now has a better visual appearance. WhatsApp has changed from the shaded grey which makes it a bit difficult to tell if something was turned on or off and added a bright white colour scheme.

WhatsApp New calling UIWhatsApp New calling UI
Old UI | New UI

Also, WhatsApp has made ending a call quite convenient by relocating the end call to the button alongside the sound, video and mic toggles. Adding a new participant to a call is also now easy as swiping up from the bottom of the screen. You no longer have to reach for the top right corner of your screen to add participants to a call. Bringing the add new participants button down to the bottom was brilliant as it makes it more comfortable to add users when you’re holding your phone in one hand.

Another great improvement WhatsApp has made in the latest beta is the ability to join ongoing group calls that you missed. Previously, if you missed a call, you’ll have to ask the caller to call you again by texting them if they’re still on the call since WhatsApp allows you to text and call at the same time but that has changed. Now, when you’re invited to join a group call and you missed it, WhatsApp will now show you a “Tap to join” banner in the Calls tab to let you quickly join the group call (assuming it’s still going on).

With the new tap to join call feature, friends and family can easily join an ongoing group call at their convenience without you having to call them multiple times to join.

At the moment, the new and improved calling UI is only available in the latest beta update for Android and iOS users. The feature will be rolling out for all WhatsApp users in the coming weeks. If you’re not part of the WhatsApp beta program already, go to Play Store and enrol or click here and if the beta program is full, you can simply download the latest beta version here and install it.

Other features coming to WhatsApp includes multi-device support, image quality settings

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