WhatsApp introduces screen-sharing during video calls

In a recent update, WhatsApp introduced yet another interesting feature that’ll bring a whole new level of convenience and flexibility to the popular messaging app, making it easier than ever to collaborate, share information, and connect with friends and family – WhatsApp screen-sharing.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new feature on Tuesday through a Facebook post and Instagram channel. With the newly implemented feature, WhatsApp is taking on traditional video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Meet, and Apple’s Facetime.

WhatsApp Screen Sharing
Image Credits: Meta CEO

The screen-sharing feature was first released in late May for some beta testers on Android and now finally rolling out to the public. This is also coming just a few days after WhatsApp rolled out the option to share short video messages in chats.

With the new screen-sharing feature, you will be able to show other contacts your screen activities during a video call in the same way other video conferencing platforms work. Alongside screen-sharing, you can share documents, photos, and even your shopping cart with other contacts available on a video call. The feature can also be used in landscape mode, which WhatsApp also just added to video calling to offer a wider and more immersive viewing experience.

Benefits of WhatsApp Screen-Sharing:

  1. Seamless Collaboration: With screen-sharing, users can work on projects, presentations, or documents together in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for remote teams or students who need to collaborate on tasks or study together.
  2.  Technical Support Made Easy: Screen-sharing comes in handy when you need to troubleshoot technical issues with a friend or family member. Instead of trying to explain the problem verbally, you can share your screen and let them see the issue firsthand, making it easier to provide guidance and support.
  3.  Show and Tell: Whether you want to share vacation photos, show a funny video, or demo a new app, screen-sharing allows you to share your screen with others on the call. This feature is perfect for sharing experiences or giving presentations without needing everyone to be physically present.

How to Use Screen-Sharing on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Screen Sharing
Image Credits: Wabetainfo
  1. Start a Video Call: Begin by initiating a video call with the desired contact or group on WhatsApp.
  2. Access Screen-Sharing: During the call, locate and tap the screen-sharing icon, usually in the call controls menu. This will prompt WhatsApp to request permission to capture your screen.
  3. Grant Permission: Allow WhatsApp to access your device’s screen by granting the necessary permissions.
  4. Share Your Screen: Once permission is granted, your screen will be shared with the other participants on the call. You can now navigate through your device and showcase whatever you want to share.
  5. End Screen-Sharing: To stop sharing your screen, tap the screen-sharing icon again, or end the call altogether.

Note: you need to be running the latest version of WhatsApp to use the screen-sharing feature. If you have updated to the most recent version and can’t find the option to use the feature, you need to wait, as the feature is being rolled out in a phased manner.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does screen-sharing work on WhatsApp web?

No, it doesn’t. The screen-sharing feature can only be used on WhatsApp for mobile and WhatsApp for PC (Windows/Mac).

WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature brings added convenience and versatility to its video calling capabilities. Whether for work, education, or simply sharing moments with loved ones, the ability to share screens enhances communication and collaboration in a user-friendly way. Give it a try and enjoy the benefits of this exciting new feature in your WhatsApp video calls!

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