WhatsApp is Rolling Out ‘Search Messages on the Web’ Feature To Tackle Fake News

Back in March 2020, popular WhatsApp tipster revealed an upcoming feature (search messages on the web) that WhatsApp wants to use to fight against the spread fake news in which we shared here. WhatsApp has finally started rolling out the new security feature in some countries today.

The search messages on the web feature lets users quickly search Google for frequently shared messages to check there authenticity by fetching more information about it online.

Frequently Forward Messages will come attached with a search button prompting you to verify directly from the net if the message is fake or real. This can help stop misleading information from going viral

How it Works?

WhatsApp search message on the web feature

If you get a forwarded message, it’ll have a search icon as seen in the image above. Tap on the search icon, WhatsApp will display a prompt asking if you want to search the web to get more info about the forwarded message.

Once you tap the search web option, WhatsApp will upload the forwarded text to Google, and fetch inflammations about it if there are any for you to verify if the new is genuine or fake.

The new web search feature is currently rolling to countries like the US, UK, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, and Spain. It will be coming to more countries soon but no specific date on date.

With this, you can easily identify real news from fake. This feature is available on both Android and iOS devices as well as the WhatsApp web.

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