WhatsApp Update Brings New Feature to STATUS

WhatsApp has been providing regular updates and introducing new and cool features constantly to deliver a better WhatsApp to it users. We’ve been covering updates on the improvements coming to WhatsApp in the previous months which includes the WhatsApp Status feature, pin, text formatting etc. These updates have made WhatsApp a lot more interesting and really fun to use. 

The WhatsApp status allows us to share multimedia files (Gif, multiple pictures, and videos). If we can still recall, the early WhatsApp status has now been called about and the status now has a different segment on WhatsApp. In our previous article, we quoted that “Many smartphone users have considered the new feature STATUS a ‘stolen’ feature from Snapchat”. However, the status has become one great update from WhatsApp.

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The WhatsApp update as at the time of release supports multimedia contents only as mentioned earlier but WhatsApp just decided to introduce a text-based status feature which allows us to share thoughts through texts.

In the screenshot below, I have placed both the old WhatsApp status segment and the new which differentiates the older version of WhatsApp from the new update.
WhatsApp Update Brings New Feature to STATUSThe text status feature allows expressing of one’s self by writing our thoughts instead of uploading multimedia contents. The feature is something we’re familiar with and in my own opinion, I’ll say “this feature is adopted from Facebook “.
The WhatsApp text status comes with a similar feature we’ve seen on Facebook as it allows inclusion of emojis’ in our text, changing background colors and also allows fonts (limited fonts). 

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Below are few screenshots taken from my device on the status segment on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Update Brings New Feature to STATUSWhatsApp Update Brings New Feature to STATUS

Final words

WhatsApp is delivering at it best and personally, I love the new update and it features. WhatsApp is one of the widely used social media app with over a billion users and still counting, lol. So if you’re yet to update to the latest version of WhatsApp, get it now.
Tell us your view of this development on WhatsApp in the comments and also don’t forget to share this piece of info. ?
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