Why Are Xiaomi Smartphones Spying On Us – Is My iPhone Safe?

There were a lot of people that believed phones were dangerous devices and that they could be used to spy on the enemy and maybe they are right, are they? What if they are? What does Xiaomi have to do with spying phones? Is our Xiaomi mi 3, mi4 or Mi A2 spying on us?

There are events and memories about our personal lives that must be kept personal at all cost but our smartphones could be making it extremely difficult for us to keep the personal stuff in our lives away from the prying eyes of the world’s biggest companies and world powers, our smartphones may be doing us more harm than good by feeding personal information to third party websites and organizations, super creepy huh?

What if Aliens or the government have hacked into your Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4 or Mi A2’s connection and it’s secretly spying on you and giving your personal information to the kings of outer space or the government? But this isn’t just about Xiaomi Smartphones because all smartphones are secretly spying on you, and your iPhone isn’t an exception.

There may be more to the applications on our phones than we think or know, Here are a few ways the Social Media applications on your phones are spying on you and sending your data to others;

  • Both front and back cameras can be accessed by these applications
  • These apps you love so much can take pictures and videos without telling you
  • Can record your actions without telling you when the app is running in the foreground
  • These apps can take and upload pictures immediately without telling you
  • Real-time face recognition in a bid to detect expressions and facial features
  • Livestream your camera to the internet
  • These apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Viber, have the ability to detect if you’re alone or with someone.
  • Can upload different video frames to run facial recognition to get more of your photos from the internet & develop a 3D model of your face.

All apps that have access to your Microphone and Camera may be spying on you, and the worst part is the development of 3D face model which is scary as different people may be using the faces of others, is someone using your face? Are Aliens living amongst us with our faces?

All these are questions we have to think about.

Does this make all smartphones with cameras such as your Xiaomi Mi 3, mi4, Mi A2, and iPhone dangerous? Heck Yeah! Have you ever wondered how Facebook adds someone you just met offline to your “people you may know” Facebook list online? Or have you ever thought of how you can visit a website for the first time and you get to see their ads on your social media pages when you leave? These are signs that have shown that it’s possible our phones are spying on us and giving third-party websites and companies our browser history, mobile footprint, and data.

What Are The Precautions We Can Take To Stop Our Spying Phones?

I’ve come to realise that so many smartphone users have absolutely no knowledge over some privacy connected to their device, however, should you fall under these categories of people, see the precautions you should take;

Study App Permissions

The best thing to do to stop our phones from spying on us is pretty simple, we have to study the permissions an app asks for before we download the app, then we have to ask ourselves questions like “does this app need a camera and microphone access?”

Don’t Grant App Access Without Thinking

You don’t have to grant the app access to your files, contacts, microphone, and camera if you don’t need to, so it is best if you stop for a while to think before you grant app access.

Install A Good Antivirus

Installing a good antivirus is highly recommended because most apps are tools by hackers to destroy the security of your smartphone for a possible attack, so be sure to install a good antivirus and listen to its warnings.

Check App Reviews Before You Download

All apps have been reviewed by its users so be sure to check the reviews of an app before you download it, stay away from the app or delete it if you find too many negative reviews

Now you know that your Smartphone may be spying on you but you can keep calm because you know the precautions to take, you don’t have to quit social media or smash your Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi A2, Samsung, or iPhone but you can use the precautions above and you can be confident to get any phone you wish, here are the best smartphones you can consider.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Xiaomi Mi A1 Xiaomi Poco F1


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