Will IGTV Displace Youtube? All You Need To Know About IGTV

Instagram Launches IGTV to Rival Popular Streaming Websites Like Youtube, Vimeo etc

A few weeks ago, precisely June 20, Instagram launched IGTV, “a new app for watching long-form, vertical video,” as the company defines it. IGTV is still Instagram, only that this is the extended version of the Facebook-owned App. Seeing IGTV for the first time I knew Instagram had something up their sleeves although I wasn’t quite sure what it was at that time.

What Is IGTV?

IGTV is a new App from Instagram which was set up for users that wish to share videos that last longer than 60 seconds. So, this amazing new App accommodates videos up to an hour long. Although it is an extended version of the Instagram App, it is a Standalone App as well.

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In this article, I want you to note these 3 talking points even though we might not talk extensively on them right now;

  • IG is taking on Youtube; maybe not in a direct competition, but something more.
  • IG introduces an extension of its App that will make you spend more time online while the world is currently addressing the issue of Social media and phone addiction.
  • From a wider perspective, it looks like a war now. Who wins? Or which side of the divide do you belong? #teamfacebook or #teamgoogle?

How do I get IGTV?

The Instagram TV app works as a stand-alone iOS or Android app.

IGTV and everything you need to know
IGTV is either at the top of your Instagram page or a standalone App. You choose your preferred login method.

This means that you can log in directly into the App when you download the IGTV App. On my Android device, I just searched for “IGTV” in the Google Play store, and the new app popped up.

However, there is also an option to enter IGTV through IG itself since there is an inbuilt button to launch users into IGTV. If you have Instagram on your phone, the new button for IGTV is right at the top of the app already. So Instagram has left us with 2 options to easily access the TV version of IG. Either by logging in through the IGTV App directly or from Instagram’s IGTV button.

What can I do with IGTV?

The purpose of Instagram TV is to accommodate long length videos. So as soon as you jump on the App, begin to watch or create long length videos. Be it movie series, Music videos, Tutorials of any kind, Reviews and so on.

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How Do I Use IGTV?

Everything that seems to be a big deal about IGTV is opening the App. After opening the App, every other thing should be seamless. There’s also ‘creating a channel’ which is also not a big deal. So, first things first. To get to this App, download from your mobile App store or use the regular Instagram App alternative (via the IGTV button on top of your screen on IG).

It’s so easy to navigate. As you open the App, videos from people you already follow or your interests begin to play just like regular T.V while you have tabs from which you can switch to something else you want to see. While a video is playing, you can switch by swiping up and some card-like tabs will appear. On these cards are ‘For you’, ‘Following’, ‘Popular’, ‘Continue watching’ you may choose between any of these categories.

Is IGTV like regular TV?

As described, IGTV has channels, much like regular television does. But anyone can start them.

You could make your Instagram TV channel similar to the conventional television channel by creating an hour-long series and uploading videos once a week. Or half-hour-long sitcoms, Comedy series, Tutorials and all. The possibilities are endless.

How To Create Your Own Instagram TV Channel

IGTV as at this moment is not that platform that is bombarded with lots of features so it’s quite easy to navigate. It has just a few buttons to go along with it’s few features. One of those few buttons is dedicated to helping you create a channel for you. Just after the search field is a button, when you tap on this button, it pops up a ‘Create Your Channel’ page. From there you can easily follow the steps.

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Facebook Vs Google; Where do you belong?

Facebook and the team have been doing a lot lately but you and I know Google is far ahead. In a sense, Instagram is going from a social media to a video curator App which looks like something that might want to compete with Google’s Youtube right? fine. But here’s how far Google has gone; Chrome, Google Drive, Gmail, Youtube, Youtube TV, Google Allo, Gboard, Hangout, Google play music even the Android O.S that your Android phone runs were designed by Google.

The list goes on and on while Facebook will boast of Whatsapp, Whatsapp business, messenger, Instagram and what other major product again?? I am trying to remember. If you can remember any, help me in the comment box. Anyways I am #teamgoogle

Where is IGTV available?

The new TV app is available for download on both iOS and Android users.

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Maybe you’ve been frustrated by the time limits on your Instagram videos. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of creating some sort of Instagram series but didn’t feel the app was quite right for your project. If so, IGTV must be perfect for you.

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