Will The Samsung S10 Join The League Of Exploding Smartphones?

Samsung is a household name to many due to its famous appliances & smartphones and this Korean company never fails to impress as they are ready to continue their good work on the Galaxy Smartphone series by introducing the Samsung Galaxy S10, but there has been a common flaw with the Smartphones produced by this brand in recent years, is it the exploding battery of the infamous Note 7, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9? YES! you guessed correctly and this problem is becoming a nightmare to both the company and its users.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been nicknamed the world’s most advanced smartphone while the Galaxy S10 has been the most hyped phone this year, but there have been numerous videos and comments about their exploding batteries and these have left most users thinking as most people are scared that their Smartphones may burst into flames and hurt them.

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Samsung is not the only company with the exploding battery problem as Apple iPhones have been bursting into flames since the unveiling of iPhone 6, but Apple have had both success and setbacks as some new iPhone versions have had better heat tolerance, the iPhone X is currently the safest amongst the new iPhone versions and it’s one you should get if you’re a fan of Apple.

iPhone 6 explode
Image: ned_walker

Why Are These Phones Exploding?

Samsung finally had a reason as to why the Note 7 exploded, after months of extensive research they found out that some batteries were missing an insulation tape, some had protrusions inside the cell, and others had heat sealed protective pouch with minimum space between them which caused the batteries to short circuit.

Is The Samsung Galaxy S10 An Upgrade to S9

Samsung Galaxy S10 can be said to be the most hyped phone of this year and saw major upgrades from predecessor the Galaxy S9. It’s quite clear that the Galaxy S10 is one of the best smartphones to launch this year.

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Don’t be scared because of buying the S10 Smartphones as Samsung have found a solution to exploding batteries and this makes the Galaxy device more safe as well as other Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

Samsung is ready to outdo all Smartphone brands with the production of this amazing smartphone, here are the top 13 things to expect when this phone is released in 2019.

  • 6.4-inch AMOLED; 3,040×1,440 pixels
  • Bezel-free design
  • An enhanced 3D face scanner
  • Fingerprint scanner (on-screen)
  • Tripple lens rear camera
  • Dual lens front camera
  • Lenses up to 16MP
  • 6GB/8GB/12GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 855 Chipset
  • 2Gbs Download speed
  • Improved AR Emojis
  • Better Battery

Is It Going To Explode?

NO! The Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t explode so you can wait for the release with a lot of excitement as this smartphone won’t be a problem in any way, the Galaxy S9 is one you can get now before the S10 is released in March 2019.

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