Windows 10 21H2 ‘Sun Valley’ Update, Features And Release Date

It will bring a smoother UI and new icons in Windows shell.

Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley Update

Microsoft released the first Windows 10 major update — the Windows 10 21H1 last month. The 21H1 update wasn’t much of a big update as it only brought a few but useful features to the Windows 10 OS. As we all know, Microsoft brings two major updates to its OS every year and while we’ve always received the big change in the first update, Microsoft has decided on saving the big update for the last, this time.

The next major Windows 10 update — 21H2 (codename: Sun Valley) is expected to come with a refreshed UI design and new features that will not only boost productivity but also improve the overall user experience. Windows 10 Sun Valley update is expected to arrive for PCs and laptops in October this year. Before the release of the Windows 10 21H2 update, Microsoft is expected to release insider builds this month as per reports. This would reveal more details about the next major update.

Several leaks and rumors has surfaced online suggesting that the next Windows 10 update will focus more on design (UI/UX) and Microsoft will most likely be bringing some of the features it had pionered with the Windows 10X to the parent OS. If we’re to believe these assumptions, the next major Windows 10 update (21H2 Sun Valley update) will be massive.

Microsoft has already made a few noticeable changes to Windows 10. We now have a redesigned start menu that is less cluttered and cleaner. New icons have been introduced, and dev channels have revealed several features like news and interest in the taskbar, a few changes in the start menu and Microsoft is also replacing old shell icons with a modern design.

Here are some of the leaked features of Windows 10 Sun Valley update (21H2).

Windows 10 Sun Valley (21H2) Features

According to the leaked details, below are some of the expected features coming to the Windows 10 Sun Valley update:

The Design: Rounded Corner, File Explorer, Action Center

It seems Google is not the only one who has been working on its OS visuals for a better user experience. Microsoft is also bringing a refreshed design with the upcoming Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley update. It is expected to bring rounded corners to some of the key elements in the OS. This will give the OS a more attractive visual.

Windows 10 21H2 update will replace all 95-era icons with modern icons and we may get to see some colour icons for the File Explorer as well.

Windows 10 21H2 Update New Action Center

Microsoft is reportedly bringing the touted Windows 10X action centre in the Windows 10 21H2 update. You’ll be able to change WiFi networks and Bluetooth device right from the action centre. You’ll still have the “Clear All” button that will dismiss all pending notifications in the action centre. We may also get to see a new dashboard button in the Task View that will help you keep track of your account and events.

Windows 10 21H2 Update Battery Usage Graph

Leaks also revealed that the Windows 10 battery will be getting a little detailed. A new graph showing your battery usage will be added in the upcoming Sun Valley update. It will contain details of your battery usage for the last 24 hours and the last 7 days.

Redesigned Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is also getting a revamped design. According to reports, the store will come with a modern interface n the next update and will be more open to users and developers. Developers will be able to submit the unpacked Windows32 apps, host apps & updates on their own content delivery network (CDN). And all the developers will be able to use third-party platforms in apps.

Bluetooth Audio Improvements and AAC Support

Windows 10 21H2 Bluetooth audio and aac

In the upcoming update, Windows 10 will not show multiple endpoints for Bluetooth headsets and it will switch profiles automatically.

Eco Mode

The eco-mode feature coming to Windows 10 will drastically improve your device battery life. Although this feature is temporarily disabled in theWindows 10 Insider Preview Build, it is expected to be available in the official update release.

So, what do you think about the upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley (21H2) update? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, if you want to download any version of the Windows 10 ISO file and office 2019, see our previous article on how to download Windows 10 iso file.

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