Windows 10 Start Menu Gets a New Look And New Icons

Microsoft has unveiled a couple of new changes coming to Windows 10 in the latest update in its Windows Insider program. Some of the main highlights include a revamped Start menu and a new set of fluent icons.

The new Windows 10 start menu brings a cleaner and simplified approach by removing multi-colours in the tiles/app shortcut and making it look nicer. The Microsoft icon designer team, however, pointed out that, things would be done differently in the new update, revealing the new Start Menu will emphasize more on the new icon designs rather than live-tiles effects.

New Windows 10 Fluent Icons
New Windows 10 Fluent Icons

“The idea is to unify the most intuitive interface for the Start Menu, from a bit of complex colour to something a little more homogeneous,” Mike LaJoie, one of the Windows icon designer team member said.

Since Microsoft removed the live tile feature in its Windows 10X, this gave fans the feeling that live tile may be leaving the main OS too but a senior program manager at Microsoft, made it clear that live tiles aren’t going anywhere in the main desktop OS.

Old Windows 10 Start Menu
Old Windows 10 Start Menu

“Live tiles are not going away, we have not announced anything of the sort. Those that enjoy their live tiles will continue to be able to do so,” said LeBlanc.

The new icons will give users more control over the layout, making it suitable for selecting light or dark themes, senior product manager in the Windows Experience team, Jason Howard said.

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10X at the end of the festive season with the Surface Neo. What do you think about the new look? Tell us in the comments.

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