This is The Windows 20 We’re Looking Forward To Seeing

Microsoft has been working on the next Windows 10 updates after releasing version 1909 in 2019 and the update will bring changes to the UI and overall system performance. While we’re waiting for the next big update, popular tech Youtuber Avdan who had in the past created a concept video for Windows XP and Windows 7 has created a new Windows 20 concept which picks various elements from several operating systems to deliver a stunning and highly customizable Windows OS.

The new Windows 20 concept brings some of the features we’re hoping to see in Windows 10 OS soon. In the video, Avdan has used the new Windows fluent icon and improved start menu which is coming in the May 2020 update, the start menu and action centre looks much better too.

One of the things I found interesting in the Windows 20 concept video is the file explorer which uses tabs to hold multiple pages instead of opening many separate pages that’ll fill up the entire screen. The taskbar also looks great and offers customization options which allow you to rearrange the Windows taskbar. You can move the icons to the right or centre to give you that MacOS like feel.

Avdan has added a darker mode in the concept video which blends with the dynamic wallpaper. In the tablet mode, taskbar is hidden and can be brought up using the a navigation bar which is pretty similar to that of iOS 13.

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Although this is just a video concept which may never land on the main Windows OS, we hope that Microsoft brings some of the functionalities to the Windows 10 OS.

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