Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: World First 5G Connectivity And 10GB RAM Smartphone

Xiaomi has released a number of incredible phones this year and while the year is closing to an end, the Chinese tech giant seems to have no chill for it fans as it announces the last flagship device of the year, the Mi MIX 3. Mi MIX 3 it is expected to come with an alleged 10GB RAM and 5G connectivity, when we thought this is too good to be true, the Chinese tech giant gave more reason we should believe this.


We’ve heard some rumours in the past that manufacturers like Lenovo and Samsung would be the first company to introduce a 5G smartphone to the world and in a recent news Oppo is said to be working on a 10GB Ram smartphone which probably will be the first of its kind but it was later made clear that no such variant exists or was planned. However, Xiaomi is taking a big step ahead of these tech giants by incorporating this two much-awaited feature in the Mi MIX 3.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Will Be The World’s First 5G And 10GB of RAM Phone

Let’s be sincere here, 10GB is excessive for a smartphone RAM and to me, it literally will serve as bragging rights, 5G, on the other hand, might be a big deal. At the moment, there is no chipset which supports 5G yet, the Snapdragon 8150 which would have 5G support is expected to be announced probably during the month of December but Xiaomi releasing a 5G powered phone before that time has really grabbed our attention.

This could only mean that the Mi MIX 3 will be adopting an external modem, most likely one of Qualcomm’s X24 or X50 working side by side with the Snapdragon 845, which in turn will result in battery drainage. However, it can only make sense if Xiaomi puts a hefty and strong battery on the device.

Mi MIX 3 features a similar slide out camera as Honor 2 which was announced about a month ago, it’ll also come with an advanced 3D facial recognition system, in-screen fingerprint and some other cool tech.

Interestingly, the Mi MIX 3 smartphone is scheduled to be released on October 25 in Beijing China.

So, what do you think about the Mi MIX 3 from Xiaomi? share your thoughts with us n the comment section below.

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