XOS 3.0 IS COMING SOON!: Infinix Third Major Update

Infinix users should get ready for another excitement Infinix next major update, XOS 3.0, the third major update. Just a while ago, it was stated on Infinix XOS official page that the third major update is coming soon.

XOS 3.0 IS COMING SOON!: Infinix Third Major Update
In the previous set of updates, from XOS 2.0 – XOS 2.3, not all devices got to receive these updates. But the devices which did not receive all updates were just few. Some devices got XOS 2.0 update and didn’t get to receive XOS 2.1 and vice versa. Infinix seems to be pushing their newer updates and concentrating them on their newer and high spec devices.
XOS 3.0 IS COMING SOON!: Infinix Third Major Update

While users still savor the XOS2.2 which comes with great themes, power saving features, finger print management, the 3 fingers feature amongst others infinix just hinted another upgrade. The 3 fingers feature allows users to take a screenshot by swiping down 3 fingers this is far more convenient compared to the volume and power button method.
XOS3.0 is definitely going to come with even more.

Also, Infinix shared another picture on their official page describing improved security on the next major update. XOS 3.0 will be more secured.

XOS 3.0 IS COMING SOON!: Infinix Third Major Update

But the only downside to this news is the fact that not all users will be eligible to enjoy this experience although users with more recent devices stand more chance. Below is the list of Infinix device receiving the XOS 3.0 update based on Android N as hinted on their before it was deleted. Perhaps there’s a change.

Final words.

The infinix XOS chameleon has being a promising update from Infinix with a lot of battery management, performance and other cool features. With the XOS 3.0 around the  corner, Infinix users should expect a lot more.

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