You Can Now Rollover Your Unused Data Balance After Your Subscription Expires – NCC

We all know very well that data rollover has long been practised amongst Network provider in Nigeria. Yes, I’m talking about those years when Blackberry smartphones were still the star and you get a certain period to renew your subscription and your unfinished data gets added to the new subscription.

According to recent reports, NCC has now decided to allow users to extend the time frame of which subscribers can renew their subscription in order to allow people with unused data balance to have adequate time for subsequent subscriptions and roll over.

I guess we all know very well that before today, for you to rollover your unused data balance when your subscription expires, you need to renew your bundle before expiration. There was nothing like Grace / Roll-Over Period.

Imagine yourself subscribing to a monthly data bundle of 10GB for 5k and something came up that took up your time during that month, and boom! you received alert that your data bundle has expired”. How would you feel when you noticed that the data was wiped off?

Thank God, NCC has implemented a data rollover policy for all networks in Nigeria, including Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, and MTN, to allow us to use our expired or unfinished data bundle in the following month. A second chance would be given of 1 to 14 days extra, depending on your data bundle.

According to the NCC, the Data Roll-Over policy would come into effect this week following complaints from millions of data subscribers that they were being short-changed by internet service providers as a result of the non-implementation of the policy in the country.

The implementation has begun on the 26th of June, 2018 and even MTN already took the lead to introduce a Grace / Rollover period following this new policy.

We all know MTN data rollover feature applies to monthly plans alone, however, due to NCC new policies, MTN decided to add rollover features to their daily and weekly plan along with the Grace / Rollover period on their monthly data plan for their subscriber, so they can get more value on their Mobile Internet plans.

Data Category Validity Roll Over Period
Daily bundles 1 Day 1Day
Weekly bundles 3 Day 3Day
Monthly bundles 7 Day 7Day


How MTN Data Rollover WorKs?

Daily Bundle: when you subscribed to a daily plan which expires the next day, you get another 24 hours to subscribe as Grace Period.

Weekly Bundle: Also, when you subscribe for a weekly bundle, you’ll get an extra 3 days to subscribe a new bundle before your data balance is wiped out.

Monthly Bundle: Same goes for the monthly bundle, you get an extra 7 days to subscribe a new bundle before your data balance is wiped out.

Note: Your current data balance is expected to still be working during this Grace Period.

NCC did great in introducing this new policy. I guess it’ll help improve the quality of telecoms services in Nigeria as well as make living easier for individuals and small businesses.

So, what do you think about this new development? tell us.

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