You Will Soon Be Able To Install Custom ROMs On PC

Android is undoubtedly one of the most popular operating systems in the world today, it provides a sublime experience across a wide range of device including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and PCs. Unlike smartwatches, smartphones and tablets, Android OS is not widely used on PCs but there are several Android OS that you can install on your PC including Bliss OS custom ROM.

Bliss OS is the first custom ROM to be ported to PCs, it is based on the Android x86 based projects which brings the full Android experience on PC. In the latest developments, developers are trying to port Android custom ROMs for PCs, meaning you’ll soon be able to install just any custom ROM on your PC.

The developers behind the popular BlissOS project have built a toolkit called “Android-Generic Project” that will allow Android custom ROM developers will be able to port their favourite Android custom ROMs for PCs. The Android-Generic Project takes advantage of Generic System Images (GSI) and Project Treble to create the platform that lets other Android ROM developers integrate their custom ROM code on any X86 PC.

Jon West, a BlissOS team member, shared a short video on Twitter showing the Android-Generic project proof by running Dirty Unicorn Android 10 custom ROM on PC (see video above).

Interestingly, several other custom ROM developers including Pixel Experience, Vanilla AOSP, Tesla OS and CarbonROM among a few have started developing their builds for the PC. It won’t be long before Android fans begin to enjoy their favourite custom ROMs on their PC.

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