YouTube Announces Shorts, Another TikTok Competitor

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Google has now followed in the footstep of Facebook to introduce a TikTok competitor called YouTube Shorts for the Indian market where TikTok is currently banned.

Like TikTok, YouTbe shorts will allow you, creators and artists to express yourselves in a 15-second short video with several editing tools.

Youtube Shorts will focus on three areas: Create, Get discovered, and Watch. For the creation process, YouTube will offer several tools like a multi-segment camera, an option to record with music, speed controls, and a timer and countdown to record hands-free.


YouTube Shorts

Like Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts is not a standalone app, it is integrated into the parent app itself and can be accessed using the pus icon added in the bottom menu tray. The multi-segment camera feature allows you to string multiple video clips together and you can choose music from YouTube’s large library of songs to record with.

The speed controls give you the flexibility to be creative in your performance, the timer and countdown feature makes it easy for you to place your smartphone on a surface and record yourself.

Shorts will be launching in early beta in few days in Indian with no words on the global release.


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