YouTube Rolls Out Mini Player For Desktop Browsers

The search giant owned streaming website, of course YouTube has recently added a picture-in-picture mini player feature for web browser. If you’ve been watching Facebook videos, you’ll notice a similar feature that allows users to continue playing a video while browsing other feeds.

YouTube Adds Mini Player Feature For Desktop Browsers

Like the Facebook picture-in-picture feature, the mini player feature allows users to continue playing a video they’re already watching while browsing for another one. This feature was rolled out earlier this month for the mobile app and now it has reached the browsers.

YouTube rolls out mini player for desktop browsers

While the mini player feature triggers automatically in the mobile app when a user taps the back button or searching other video, users get to choose and use the feature in the browser version.

The mini player feature is indicated on the screen along other viewing option when playing a video. To use it, simply click on the mini-player icon and the feature will be activated for the videos, users can then browse other video while playing another in PIP mode.

To exit the mini-player, simply hit the cancel icon on the top right corner of the player ( the “x” icon ) or via the escape button on your keyboard. Also, users can control playlists, queues, and next videos directly through the minimized video.

So, what do you think of this new feature? Tell us in the comments section below.

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