YouTube Non-skippable Adverts Might Just Ruin Your Streaming From Now On

Change is one constant thing in this world and when it comes all you have to do is embrace it. YouTube is changing, embrace it. The video-sharing website has announced through its official Creator Insider account that it’s rolling out non-skippable ads to all the channels that can already monetize their videos. This move has been tried out before although as an experiment. But now, in a more stable way, it will be rolling out to all channels that can already produce value (money).

If you are a channel owner, you will be glad while a visitor who visits YouTube to stream videos only might find this so annoying. In little or no time from now, viewers will no longer be able to skip YouTube ads.

When you buy a DVD, sometimes there are some commercials or trailers advertising one thing or the other. You most likely will skip this part and get into the movie as soon as possible. This is the same most of us do on YouTube, right? But this will no longer be possible with some particular ads.

Previously, youtube ads plays for some 5 seconds or thereabout before the skip option appears. There was always an option to skip up until now.

Some Video Adverts Can Still Be Skipped

Some Adverts will still give you the opportunity to skip while some cannot be skipped. Only that the advertisers have to pay more if they want their videos to run it’s entire course. A ‘non-skippable ‘advert means more income for channel owners and i believe this is the sole purpose of this development. Forcing some video ads on viewers to ensure more revenue to video owners.

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