YouTube Rolls Out ‘Video Chapters’ Feature For Android, iOS And Desktop

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YouTube has always been the go-to platform for video guides over the years but some times you find yourself in situations where you just want to get to the main contents or that part of the video that holds the information you’re searching for and you just want to get to it. YouTube wants to help you achieve that by adding video chapters feature on its platform.

Before now, we can actually skip part of a YouTube video we don’t want to watch by fast-forwarding the video or just dragging the video player bar forward. The new Video Chapters feature, however, aims to make that better by helping viewers get to the part of the video they want to watch quickly.

YouTube Video Chapters

YouTube Video Chapter Feature

The new video chapter feature will make use of YouTube’s built-in timestamps used by a creator in a video to help viewers navigate to a specific part of the video. This feature will, however, only will be useful when a YouTube creator uses it in his/her videos.


When a creator uses the video chapter feature in a video, viewers will see a line of titles and timestamps in the video. Although this feature will be very useful for viewers, it has some limitations that can bother the creators. Using this feature will reduce the video watch time and also affect creators who want to monetize their channel.

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This feature may not really affect DIY creators, as users will still have to watch the full video to get the concept of the DIY hack. Nonetheless, from a viewer perspective, this feature is really needed, especially for long videos.


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